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Recovering Perfectionist

Yes. It is true! I am a recovering perfectionist. I didn’t know for a long time what was creating incredible discomfort inside of myself. It was shame. A sense of feeling defective, bad and wrong. The shame that fuels perfectionism is overwhelmingly stressful and toxic to our whole being. This stress creates havoc on all levels physically, emotionally, mentally, financially, relationally and spiritually. Shame tells us we are bad. Guilt tells us we have done something bad or wrong and we can make amends. Shame is destructive and pervasive in our homes, work environments, media and in our culture.

In order to begin healing from perfectionism we need to address shame. Shame thrives in judgment and secrecy. It is important to dissolve shame storms with the support of our friends. As we share our experiences of shame we begin to heal in the openness of allowing ourselves to be human. As human beings we all make mistakes and have many opportunities for growth and learning. We are all worthy of love and respect, gentleness and kindness. We are all challenged with life and various circumstances. Our human-ness is our common bond. We all suffer from shame. Shame and blame are conditioned patterns and ways of being inside ourselves and with others until we commit to healing the shame that binds us. Whenever we are coming from of place of against-ness it is usually within the energy field of shame. “You are doing it wrong.” “Who do you think you are?” “I’m right, you’re wrong.”etc.

Shame fuels depression, eating disorders, anxiety disorders, addictions, perfectionism, gambling, compulsive work and OCD. It is a pervasive feeling of not good enough. As a recovering perfectionist it is important to allow ourselves to make mistakes. We learn to be gentle with ourselves. We allow ourselves to be flawed, human and imperfect.

Everyday it is a practice of being honest, vulnerable and genuine. It is a courageous act to be vulnerable. It is also very rewarding. Vulnerability and authenticity creates connection. I encourage you to try vulnerability with those you feel safe. Take baby steps and tell the truth. Share your inner most experience with someone you trust. Shame dissipates when shared with others. Most importantly be compassionate with yourself and others. We are all doing our best. We do better when we know better.

Remember you are worthy of love no matter what. Love does not depend on being perfect. Love is your inherent birthright. Spiritually speaking you are LOVE. The Universal impulse is that of LOVE. You are LOVE.

If you are ready to move beyond shame into your AWESOMENESS go to to schedule your complimentary breakthrough session so that you can live more fearlessly, aligned with your True Self, experiencing greater health, wealth and happiness. You will be glad you did!!

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A New Way of Being with your SELF!

So many of my clients struggle with the idea of loving themselves. We have been taught to put others first. We have often times been the caregiver as children and learned the habit of taking care of others first. We have not learned or known how to take care of ourselves first. We have not had the permission to take care of our own needs. We have been judged and ridiculed harshly for having needs and wants. We have grown up with the idea that to love ourselves is considered conceited and wrong.

We are now finding it vitally necessary to take care of ourselves SO THAT we can take care of others. As we deplete ourselves for the sake of others we find ourselves sick. We are depressed, tired, running ragged, unhappy, suffering with addictions to ease the pain of depletion. And the list goes on.

Yet to love ourselves is the doorway to loving others and designing the lives we are yearning to live. In my own experience the more I have healed and cleared my unresolved issues of shame and perfectionism the more I find myself connected to Love’s Presence. Our True Self is the part of us that is unconditionally loving, creative, joyful, playful and present. When we are bogged down in fear, shame, unworthiness and undeservability we are residing in our limited self, feeling trapped, unfulfilled and hopeless.

The soulful work I do with my clients is to connect them with their True Self. Through the process of releasing the limiting self and connecting to the creative, innocent, joyful and present Self, I see magical changes take place. Soon the inner experiences of self kindness and self care becomes their outer reality. I see them release the energy drains that no longer serve them. I see them make time for themselves in creative and fun ways. It is truly as if they found their magic wand and they begin creating their lives to match their heart-felt dreams and soul’s calling. They have awakened to Love’s Presence.

Schedule your complimentary breakthrough session and let’s get started so that you too can start using your magic wand in service to your True Self.

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Did You Know?

Did you know that a personal coaching relationship can:

  • Help you rediscover passion in your work and life.
  • Provide nurturing support and encouragement.
  • Support you in making changes and transitions that better serve you and your Spirit.
  • Cheer you on, and support you in clarifying and reaching your goals and heart-felt dreams.
  • Provide accountability in successfully achieving your goals and dreams

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

Jewel Lea Grant