Do you yearn for greater purpose, freedom and aliveness? Are you tired of struggling with the monotony of juggling life’s responsibilities?
Many of us forget, or do not know, that we are spiritual beings with the enchanting opportunity to use this human experience in alignment with our Heart and Soul’s calling. As co-creators we have the capability to transform situations, access unseen powers, produce highly innovative ideas and manifest inspiring new opportunities for ourselves and loved ones .

We get bogged down in fear, negativity, resentment, distractions and overwhelm. We believe our physical world reality is all there is. It is time to Awaken to the Truth of Who and What we ARE! We are powerful, creative, abundant, worthy, deserving HU-man BE-ing’s meant to live purposeful and soulfully, brilliant lives. The Hu in human is the God force, Universal Intelligence, The Divine in all of us human beings. The Be in being is our eternal essence and creative force. We are a never-ending stream of possibilities and untapped potential.

I’m Jewel Lea Grant, Doctor in Spiritual Sciences, RN, Holistic Health Coach, Ordained Minister and Inspirational Speaker.

My life long journey has been to discover, access and reside in my True Self. Also known as the High Self or Essential Self, who is deeply present, creative, inspiring, joyful, intuitive, magical, wise, trusting, playful and innovative. The place inside that knows, all is well, simply because of who I AM and what WE ARE.

We are Divine Beings of Pure Awareness creating change and transforming our lives either by design or default.

Through many years of my own deep inner healing and experiencing various healing modalities, religious and spiritual paths, profound personal growth seminars with highly trained mentors, higher education and beyond. I find myself sharing what I have learned and experienced with those who are ready to transcend the mundane and live a more authentic, joy-filled life, honoring their higher purpose and designing the life they crave to live. By giving permission and lifting up your consciousness you have the opportunity to re-create not only how you see your world but who you are in it.

As a Doctor in Spiritual Sciences and Holistic Health Practitioner, I provide a safe, accepting, kind, supportive space for people to design and live more healthy, authentic, fearless and prosperous lives without compromising their values. I know what it is like to play it safe and make choices from a place of fear and insecurities. AND I know how freeing it is to consciously create a life that is deeply inspiring and fulfilling. Now I help others free themselves from limitations, to bravely overcome the real and self imposed challenges, that may stand in their way of living a truly joyful, healthy, prosperous and fun-filled life. Confidently residing in their True Self and fulfilling their Soul’s purpose with ease and grace.

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Working with Jewel Lea has brought tools into my life to help me remember the truth of who I really am. It is through the simple acts of recognition and the use of these tools that I am experiencing more of a deeper and ongoing soul based relationship with my SELF. My work with Jewel Lea has immensely changed my life by helping me to find a relationship inside that is my truth and is sending me back home.

Our work together on the outside has reflected to others more confidence, strength, love, kindness, courage, and compassion. I have a need to keep growing towards deepening in my True Self.  One of my favorite parts about each session, is Jewel Lea calls in the Light at the beginning. By calling in the Light before we would begin to work, I would know each session would be for the highest good. 

Jewel Lea is very kind, loving, and professional with her clients. She has helped me to grow in the direction I want to grow and I have received the results of that direction.

Cindy Erhardt, Co-Owner of Silvertip Retrievers.

I had the pleasure of participating in Jewel Lea’s seminars. I was impressed with her professionalism and dynamic person. She is an excellent communicator with profound leadership skills. She is compassionate and attentive. She has enabled me to live my life as authentically as possible and I now have more resiliency, gratitude and joy in my life.

Sharlene Inglis, Administrative Assistant at Unity Church of Billings.