About Me

I grew up in Fort Dodge, Iowa, a conservative midwestern town of 30,000. I grappled with shame and perfectionism, from an early age, not knowing what it was I was struggling with. By the time I graduated from high school in 1977, I reluctantly agreed to a practical approach to life and enrolled in a nursing program, although my heart wanted to fly the skies, as an airline “stewardess”. Instead,  I allowed others to direct my career path.

Nursing proved not only to be very practical but also provided me with the travel I craved. I moved to a small resort town, Whitefish Montana in 1980. I enjoyed snow skiing and learned how to fly fish. My healing began on the slopes of BIG MOUNTAIN and the pristine rivers and lakes in NW Montana.  I married in 1984 and I had two beautiful children who were, and are, my greatest life’s adventure and accomplishment.  I pursued the “American Dream” for over 20 years. On the outside it looked as though I had it all. On the inside I was full of self doubt, critical self-talk, shame, fear, deep feelings of emptiness and unworthiness.

In 1997, my son Oliver, at the age of 8, suffered a traumatic brain injury as the result of a head-on car collision. I was called to the scene of the accident and I remember running and trying to get to him. Everything was in slow motion. It was as if I couldn’t get to him fast enough, a parents worst nightmare. He was in critical condition and we didn’t know if he would survive. He was in a coma for 2 weeks. During those two weeks,  I experienced several touches of grace and spiritual experiences along with deep pain, fear and uncertainty.

As a student of A COURSE IN MIRACLES, I held a clear intention & vision of my son as whole, healed and perfect. I wouldn’t allow myself  to see him as broken but rather focused on and affirmed his divine spirit as alive and well. At one point, as I was preparing to go back to the hospital for yet another day, my friend Mirkalice, reminded me that as spiritual beings, communication happens with or without bodies. I remember feeling so distraught and desperately wanting my son to be back home with me. I wanted everything to be the way it had been before the accident. I was praying for spiritual assistance to get me through another day.

As I was preparing to go to the hospital, in an instant, my little boy, Oliver, came to me. With a clear voice and palpable touch, he hugged me around my waist and said “momma I’m ok.” It was such a direct and real experience, I broke down into tears and held onto him. From that day on, I knew he was and would be okay regardless of the outcome. His recovery was long and challenging. He endured three years of rehabilitation and today he is a strong, courageous, intuitive, spiritual young man in service to others.

This and many experiences like it have opened my eyes to the greater reality of who we are, as spiritual beings. This was the potent beginning of my mystic journey into the depths of Infinite possibilities and actualizing unrealized greatness.

My daughter, Brie, has been and continues to be a beautiful, joyful, generous, Light Bearer with courage and strength of heart. Her journey through the accident was challenging and treacherous as well. She ended up carrying a load no child should ever have to carry. Today, she is an amazing young woman, teacher and best friend. Her students adore her and she has accomplished teacher of the year and the Rodel scholarship in her short time as a teacher. I am definitely a proud momma!!

It so happened that Oliver’s accident was 6 months before I was ordained. I had been completing a 2 year ministerial program and it was as if, my final lesson before ordination, was the awareness that communication happens with or without our bodies. More importantly I experienced the profound awareness that we are powerful, spiritual beings, connected to one another, in our divine perfection, as whole and complete. The various spiritual experiences, during this period of unraveling, opened my spiritual eyes. I had experienced another plane of existence with spiritual vision and strength of heart. I was being prepared for a life beyond my wildest dreams.

Nine months later, I found myself suffering from PTSD (Post traumatic Stress Disorder). It was as if my body was remembering all of the past trauma and events. It was time to release and clear on a deeper level. I remember one day hearing Oprah say “it is never too late to start over.” So one day in September of 1998, I gave myself permission to start again and to follow my BLISS.

I began a deep excavation of my inner self with an amazing therapist and spiritual guide.  I immersed myself in Insight Seminars, Unity church and 12 step recovery. In 1999, I found my way to the University of Santa Monica and a Master’s program in Spiritual Psychology. I completed the program in 2001 and continued on for another year in the Advanced program of Consciousness, Health and Healing. Through all of this, I realized I had been participating in abusive relationships. The most significant one was with myself!

This realization changed my life profoundly! I continued in my process of healing and slowly started to overcome patterns of self doubt, negative self-talk, negative future fantasy, victim mentality, a deep sense of emptiness, shame and unworthiness. Ultimately I took ownership of my relationship with my SELF, my recovery, my career and my life.

In 2002 I went through a life altering divorce that sent me into a deeper and more profound healing process. I devoted myself to greater self loving. I practiced unending self acceptance, self gentleness and surrounded myself with people who accepted and loved me.  Ultimately I began experiencing authentic empowerment.  I was connecting with and cultivating a relationship with my High Self and LOVES PRESENCE.

Massive transformation took place both internally and externally.  As a result I began creating spiritually-based, practical seminars and offering them in my community. I spoke at various churches as a guest speaker. I facilitated A Course in Miracles in which I had been a student for several years. I found myself being of service as a minister, facilitator of seminars, privately coaching and working full time as a Labor and Delivery and NICU nurse.  

In 2010 I enrolled in Peace Theological Seminary and College of Philosophy in Los Angeles California, in the Spiritual Sciences program. I graduated July 2020, with a doctorate in Spiritual Sciences. It has been a long and valuable journey of awakening. I welcome and claim my royal heritage as a divine being residing in the Kingdom of God within. 

I continue to clear away what no longer serves me. Today, I invite and celebrate my SELF. I reside in joy, peace, kindness, humor, fun and creative expression more and more as I continue to reside in my True Self as PURE AWARENESS OF THAT WHICH IS.

I live in beautiful Tucson AZ. I have a rescue pup named Emma who is the love of my life. Together we are in service to the planet and each other. I facilitate A Course in Miracles and healing workshops from my beautiful home. I have an amazing community of friends. I enjoy supporting my coaching clients in their health and wellness. I take every opportunity to share presentations to those interested in their health and wellbeing.  I am happy, healthy and living the life I love to live.


My 30 years of nursing experience, education in spiritual psychology,  present doctoral studies in Spiritual Sciences and my own deep inner healing has led me to my Soul’s path.  I am wholeheartedly committed  to sharing healing, growth and expansion through experiential workshops, coaching, spiritual counseling and speaking engagements.

I draw from all of my experiences, education, personal growth and inner healing to assist my clients in discovering their essential True Self.

I support my clients in living from a place of confident empowerment, connection and self loving.  I assist them in defining their own lives and to create deep fulfillment in their relationships, career, finances, health, and creative expression. The most magical transformations lie’s in the honoring and commitment to one’s True Self.

Once the spiritual relationship is built within, with oneself, then actualizing unrealized greatness begins to manifest in all area’s of our lives.


As a Doctor in Spiritual Sciences and Holistic Health Practitioner, I partner with those who desire to expand into their next level of health, wealth and happiness with consistent non-judgmental guidance and support. As your coach, I work with you to help you balance work and life issues, to support you in clarifying and actualizing healthier life style goals and heart-centered ways of being.  Together we create a plan of action, implement clearly defined steps, reframe negative self talk, update outdated limiting beliefs while implementing follow through and accountability strategies in order to achieve the health you desire on all levels of physical, mental, emotional, financial  and spiritual.

More importantly, I will support you in connecting to your True Self, developing an inner connection of self compassion, self kindness, self loving and self acceptance. With these inner qualities and strength of heart you will successfully design and live the life you are truly meant to live.

I work with all those who want to have the support they need in order to:

  • Live more authentically as your True Self, making self honoring choices that resonate with your Soul’s calling so that you are fully engage in life with joy in your heart.
  • Reawaken your passion for your career so that you are contributing in a way that is meaningful to you.
  • Create a more healthy balanced lifestyle so that you can experience more vitality, radiance, self care, health and wellbeing..
  • Turn your dreams and goals into a reality so that you can experience more fulfillment and joy.
  •  Learn and implement better self care strategies, so you can take better care of yourself and others with less stress and more joy.
  • Develop stronger, more supportive relationships with your co-workers, family members, friends and most importantly your Self.