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You are WEALTH!

One of the things I love to do is to facilitate A COURSE IN MIRACLES. We meet every Tuesday morning at 10 am at Unity Church of Peace in Tucson. This last Tuesday I awakened to the awareness that we are all wealthy. It is our projections and belief in scarcity that keeps up wrapped up in the experience of lack and feeling as though we don’t have enough. It is through the allowance of the Presence of our True Self that we have the opportunity to generate and experience our wealth.

Each time we take a moment to move our awareness to the essence of who we are as DIVINE we feed our Self TRUTH. The truth is we are wealthy. The more we acknowledge this truth the more we burp up and release projections of lack. Our ego loves to tell us that we do not have enough and that we need more. The REALITY is we have enough because we are enough. Our worthiness is inherent in the fact that we are THE BELOVED.

Today, give yourself the gift of your own inner knowing of your SELF as WEALTH.

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