Cindy Erhardt, Co-Owner of Silvertip Retrievers.

Working with Jewel Lea has brought tools into my life to help me remember the truth of who I really am. It is through the simple acts of recognition and the use of these tools that I am experiencing more of a deeper and ongoing soul based relationship with my SELF. My work with Jewel Lea has immensely changed my life by helping me to find a relationship inside that is my truth and is sending me back home.

Our work together on the outside has reflected to others more confidence, strength, love, kindness, courage, and compassion. I have a need to keep growing towards deepening in my True Self.  One of my favorite parts about each session, is Jewel Lea calls in the Light at the beginning. By calling in the Light before we would begin to work, I would know each session would be for the highest good. 

Jewel Lea is very kind, loving, and professional with her clients. She has helped me to grow in the direction I want to grow and I have received the results of that direction.