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A Healthier YOU! Preserve your YOUTHFULNESS!

Recently, I’ve aligned with a company that provides high quality supplementation for cellular regeneration and protection. As a registered nurse I am amazed by the science behind these incredibly effective nutrients that support cellular repair and protection. We all know the importance of antioxidants in terms of promoting and keeping us healthy. Antioxidants are found in the colorful fruits and vegetables. It is recommended we eat 8-12 servings a day to get the necessary antioxidants we need for health. Of course it is near impossible to consume that amount daily and considering our food sources the level of nutrients in our fruits and vegetable are inadequate. That is why supplementation is so important.

Supplementation is a billion dollar industry. Now, with the Nobel Prize winning, million dollar technology, the Biophotonic scanner allows for assessment of our nutritional status in less than 30 seconds. It non invasively gives a full body antioxidant density score. It shares with us whether or not the supplementation we are presently taking is being absorbed by our body for the necessary health we desire. It is in essence a nutrition lie detector. The more antioxidant density we have in our bodies the more we are protected from diseases and aging.

Nutrients that are bioavailable and those that are guaranteed to effectively increase the antioxidant score is what the body needs for greater health and to live a quality life full of vitality and radiance. As a nurse, I have seen how poor nutrition, sedentary lifestyle, high BMI, stress and sun damage has affected the wellbeing of so many people. If you are interested in preventing disease and starting on a healthier lifestyle journey let me know! Together we will devise and implement a plan for a healthier YOU!

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